Our special patented process allows you to activate the refreshing mint toothpaste by simply wetting the bristles.  Even just saliva will do!  It’s easy with ReadyBrush, Just wet, brush and go!

Our proprietary, patented mint toothpaste formula is 100% manufactured in the USA….we wouldn’t have it any other way!

ReadyBrush is made in the USA.

Absolutely!  After your initial “on the go use, simply place your ReadyBrush back in the foil package for use at home with your favorite toothpaste.  Your ReadyBrush will last as long as any national brand quality toothbrush.

Only the finest, soft, end-rounded and polished DuPont Tynex nylon bristles are used for bristling a ReadyBrush.
It’s reusable! Use it at home with your favorite toothpaste.
Each ReadyBrush features our patented , prepasted technology.
Try it….experience the difference for yourself!

Yes, ReadyBrush is FDA registered.

No, ReadyBrush is gluten free.

Although there is nothing that can turn toxic in our product, we do suggest using ReadyBrush within 1 year, as to maintain the freshness of the product.

Sure thing!  In fact there are several options depending upon your needs. We can imprint one or both sides of the brush handle with your logo and or URL.
Since ReadyBrush is reusable, it can serve as a promotional item and an amenity.
For larger quantities, we can create your very own branded wrapper with a custom colored, bristled and/or imprinted brush handle.

For those wearing braces, we suggest using OrthoReadyBrush.  We offer the same patented technology on our specially designed “V” trim bristles, specifically so that the brush will not interfere with your oral appliance.
For those using invisible aligners, OrthoReadyBrush is the perfect accessory.  Simply use OrthoReadyBrush to clean your teeth after eating and drinking, before inserting your aligners.  You can also freshen up your aligners with OrthoReadyBrush prior to inserting.

More than 100,000,000 ReadyBrush have been sold to the public as well as dozens of distributors covering many different types of industries/businesses.

For your business, we suggest that you contact your industry distributor.  If they are unaware of our product, have them contact:  sales@readybrush.com
For your personal use, please visit https://www.readybrush.com/shop/buy-now/