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Clean Teeth… Fresh Breath… it’s easy with ReadyBrush


Campers all look forward to their summertime fun at camp. New skills, new adventures, new friends and new cavities??? That’s right… campers may be neglectful of maintaining proper oral hygiene while away at camp. Why not encourage the easy and fun way to brush with ReadyBrush!

Simply WET and BRUSH!!
Our special patented process is available as an OrthoReadyBrush for those wearing braces… there’s no excuse for not maintaining proper oral hygiene while away at camp.

Your Camp’s logo can even be imprinted on the handle. Perfect amenity for campers, promotional item for camp fairs and reunions as well as a must have at the infirmary!!

Not a Camper but going CAMPING? Don’t forget to pack your ReadyBrush! Great for hiking and camping. Easy to use ReadyBrush is perfect for the outdoorsman… no need to carry paste and brush. Simply activate the refreshing min toothpaste with just saliva! Don’t forget to pack your ReadyBrush back into its wrapper for use at home with your favorite toothpaste.

ReadyBrush is REUSABLE!!