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The best dentists use the best prepasted toothbrush

Dental professionals understand the importance of using a fine quality toothbrush. That is why ReadyBrush is offered by all of the country’s top dental supply distributors. They understand the importance of brushing with soft, end-rounded and polished DuPont Tynex nylon bristles as well as the shape of the brush head, so that you are able to reach those hard to reach places where bacterial lurks.

Dental Hygienists find that ReadyBrush is an easy and convenient way to instruct their patients on proper brushing procedures. It’s also an efficient way for their patient’s pre-appointment brushing… no messy toothpaste cleanups!









Orthodontists as well offer OrthoReadyBrush to their patients wearing braces. It is suggested that they keep a brush or two in their book bag or purse, so they can quickly and easily remove those unsightly food particles. Avoid embarrassing moments, bad breath and cavities while wearing braces without carrying a brush and paste around.






Those wearing invisible aligners are unable to drink or eat anything while the aligner is in place. They are instructed by their dental professional to brush both their teeth and the aligner after eating or drinking and prior to re-inserting. Failing to do so will cause stains and cavities.

ReadyBrush is the perfect solution… Simply wet, brush and smile!

If you are interested in adding ReadyBrush or OrthoReadyBrush to your dental practices, please contact your dental supply distributor.