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If you or someone you know has ever been embarrassed by unsightly food particles stuck in their braces, using OrthoReadyBrush® can solve the problem.
We offer the same patented ReadyBrush® technology on our special “V” trim bristles, specifically designed so that the brush will provide a thorough cleaning without interfering with your orthodontic appliances.
OrthoReadyBrush® utilizes our unique patented process. The refreshing mint toothpaste is activated by just wetting the soft end-rounded and polished DuPont Tynex nylon bristles.
Each brush is individually wrapped and hermetically sealed making it easy for kids to take to school and brush after meals or snacks. Watch your child go from “embarrassed” to “cool” when he pops his neon colored OrthoReadyBrush® out of the wrapper, wets the bristles and quickly & easily brushes his pizza residue from his braces…What could be easier!
OrthoReadyBrush® is sold by all of the finest orthodontic supply distributors throughout the US to orthodontists everywhere. Economical and effective, OrthoReadyBrush is perfect for pre-appointment brushing.


Do you wear invisible aligners?

For those using invisible aligners, we are sure that your dental professional has made you aware of the importance of brushing immediately after eating or drinking.  Failure to do so results in cavities and stains. If you are one of the millions of patients wearing clear aligners, ReadyBrush® is the perfect solution for you!
Simply use ReadyBrush® to clean your teeth after eating and drinking. Now freshen up your aligners before inserting them
Clean Teeth, Fresh Breath…
Anytime! Anywhere!